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Below is a list of Resolutions that have been heard and approved or otherwise disposed of by the Board of Fire Commissioners.

(All Resolutions to Close Public Sessions are the same in content, consistent with NJ OPMA, unless specifically noted.)


23-01-05-01 Resolution Adopting 2023 Fire District Budget

23-01-05-02 A Resolution Approving Commissioners 2023 Salaries

23-01-05-03 A Resolution Changing EMT Kruse Job Title

23-01-05-04 A Resolution Changing EMT Kuzemczak Job Title

23-01-05-04 A Resolution Appointing Auditor

23-01-05-06 A Resolution Closing Public Meeting

23-01-05-07 A Resolution Making FF/EMT Martin a Permanent Employee

23-01-19-08 A Resolution Setting the Retroactive 2022 and 2023 Salaries and Rates of Pay For Certain Employees

23-01-19-09 A Resolution Appointing Per Diem Emergency Medical Technician Rich

23-01-19-10 A Closing Public Meeting

23-01-19-11 A Resolution Appointing Fire Official 2023

23-02-02-12 A Resolution Authorizing MOA with District 2 (Ambulances)

23-02-02-13 A Resolution Designating Official District Point of Contact

23-02-02-14 A Resolution Designating DFS Liaison

23-02-02-15 A Resolution Closing the Public Meeting

23-02-16-16 A Resolution Authorizing Donation of Surplus Equipment

23-02-16-17 A Resolution Closing the Public Meeting

23-03-02-18 A Resolution Accepting Resignation Commissioner O'Hare

23-03-02-19 A Resolution Appointing Commissioner To Unexpired Term

23-03-02-20 A Resolution Accepting AFG Grant

23-03-02-21 A Resolution Accepting Resignation EMT Jefferson

23-03-02-22 A Resolution Accepting Revised EMS Fee Schedule (tabled)

23-03-02-23 A Resolution Closing the Public Meeting

23-03-07-24 A Resolution Appointing Commissioner To Unexpired Term

23-03-07-25 A Resolution Appointing Volunteer Line Officers

23-03-07-26 A Resolution Designating Newspapers Depositories and Board Officers

23-03-07-27 A Resolution Appointing Fire District Accountant

23-03-07-28 A Resolution Appointing Fire District Legal Counsel

23-03-07-29 A Resolution Appointing Special Counsel (Tabled)

23-03-07-30 A Resolution Designating Surety Bonding For Certain Employees

23-03-07-32 A Resolution Authorizing The Meeting Schedule for The Years 2023-2024

23-03-16-22 A Resolution Accepting Revised EMS Fee Schedule

23-03-16-33 A Resolution Appointing A Prehospital Medical Director

23-03-16-34 A Resolution Appointing A Medical Provider (Tabled)

23-03-16-35 A Resolution Introducing Job Title (Tabled)

23-03-16-36 A Resolution Closing Public Meeting

23-03-16-37 A Resolution Authorizing COE Per Diem EMT

23-03-16-38 A Resolution Terminating Volunteer EMT

23-03-30-39 A Resolution Closing Public Meeting

23-04-06-40 A Resolution Recognizing Eagle Scout Michael Hoppes

23-04-06-41 A Resolution Recognizing Eagle Scout Ian W McSorley

23-04-06-42 A Resolution Recognizing Eagle Scout Michael R. Grogan

23-04-06-43 A Resolution Recognizing Eagle Scout James Efrain Jeffers

23-04-06-44 A Resolution Recognizing Eagle Scout Noah H. Kaplan

23-04-06-45 A Resolution Approving MOU With HTPD on RTF

23-04-06-46 A Resolution Appointing Per Diem Emergency Medical Technician

23-04-06-47 A Resolution Providing For Landscaping Services

23-04-06-48 A Resolution Closing Public Meeting

23-04-20-34 A Resolution Appointing A Medical Provider

23-04-20-49 A Resolution Recognizing Resident Frederick McCarrick

23-04-20-50 A Resolution Recognizing Resident Luis Marcelo Grandal

23-04-20-51 A Resolution Accepting Revised EMS Terms and Conditions 

23-04-20-52 A Resolution Authorizing COE Per Diem EMT

23-04-20-53 A Resolution Authorizing Destruction of Certain Surplus

23-04-20-54 A Resolution Closing Public Meeting

23-05-05-55 A Resolution Authorizing COE Per Diem EMT

23-05-05-56 A Resolution Authorizing COE Per Diem EMT

23-05-05-57 A Resolution Authorizing COE Per Diem EMT

23-05-05-58 A Resolution Withdrawing COE Per Diem EMT

23-05-05-59 A Resolution Authorizing Sale of Surplus

23-05-05-60 A Resolution Closing Public Meeting

23-05-18-61 A Resolution Recognizing Eagle Scout Wyatt Lieto

23-05-18-62 A Resolution Appointing Per Diem Emergency Medical Technician

23-05-18-63 A Resolution Authorizing COE Per Diem EMT

23-05-18-64 A Resolution Authorizing COE Per Diem EMT

23-05-18-65 A Resolution Designating Ambulance 39 as Surplus

23-05-18-66 A Resolution Authorizing COE Volunteer EMT

23-05-18-67 A Resolution Authorizing COE Volunteer Firefighter

23-05-18-68 A Resolution Closing Public Meeting

23-06-01-69 A Resolution Appointing Per Diem Emergency Medical Technician

23-06-01-70 A Resolution Appointing Per Diem Emergency Medical Technician

23-06-01-71 A Resolution Appointing Per Diem Emergency Medical Technician

23-06-01-72 A Resolution Authorizing COE Per Diem EMT

23-06-01-73 A Resolution Authorizing COE Per Diem EMT

23-06-01-74 A Resolution Authorizing COE Per Diem EMT

23-06-01-75 A Resolution Closing Public Meeting (Not Utilized)

23-06-15-76 A Resolution Adopting Amended Bylaws

23-06-15-77 A Resolution Appointing Per Diem Emergency Medical Technician

23-06-15-78 A Resolution Appointing Per Diem Emergency Medical Technician

23-06-15-79 A Resolution Appointing Volunteer Firefighter

23-06-15-80 A Resolution Authorizing Destruction of Surplus

23-06-15-81 A Resolution Authorizing COE Junior EMT

23-06-15-82 A Resolution Closing Public Meeting

23-06-22-83 A Resolution Closing Public Meeting

23-07-06-84 A Resolution Appointing Volunteer EMT

23-07-06-85 A Resolution Appointing Volunteer EMT 

23-07-06-86 A Resolution Appointing Per Diem Emergency Medical Technician

23-07-06-87 A Resolution Authorizing COE Volunteer EMT

23-07-06-88 A Resolution Authorizing COE Volunteer EMT

23-07-06-89 A Resolution Revising Fee Schedule

23-07-06-90 A Resolution Setting 2023 Salaries & Rates of Pay for Certain Employees

23-07-06-91 A Resolution Accepting Corrective Action Plan 

23-07-06-92 A Resolution Accepting Audit 

23-07-06-93 A Resolution Authorizing Sale of Ambulance 39

23-07-06-94 A Resolution Closing Public Meeting

23-07-06-95 A Resolution Appointing Per Diem Emergency Medical Technician

23-07-11-96 A Resolution Closing Public Meeting

23-07-20-97 A Resolution Amending EMS Terms and Conditions

23-07-20-98 A Resolution Appointing Volunteer EMT

23-07-20-99 A Resolution Approving Purchase of Command Vehicle

23-07-20-100 A Resolution Appointing Special Investigator

23-07-20-101 A Resolution Closing Public Meeting

23-08-03-102 A Resolution Appointing Deputy Fire District Administrator

23-08-03-103 A Resolution Rescinding Volunteer COE

23-08-03-104 A Resolution Closing Public Meeting

23-08-17-105 A Resolution Honoring Nick Haak

23-08-17-106 A Resolution Honoring Louis Paluscio

23-08-17-107 A Resolution Closing Public Meeting

23-08-28-108 A Resolution Closing Public Meeting

23-08-29-109 A Resolution Closing Public Meeting

23-08-29-110 A Resolution Terminating Per Diem EMT

23-09-07-111 A Resolution Closing Public Meeting

23-09-21-112 A Resolution Declaring Car 36 Surplus and Authorizing Sale

23-09-21-113 A Resolution Closing Public Meeting

23-10-05-114 A Resolution Authorizing Destruction of Surplus

23-10-05-115 A Resolution Authorizing Authorizing Sale of Certain Surplus

23-10-05-116 A Resolution Authorizing Formation of Consolidation Research

23-10-05-117 A Resolution Closing Public Meeting

23-10-10-118 A Resolution Closing Public Meeting

23-10-19-119 A Resolution Authorizing Special Election

23-10-19-120 A Resolution Closing Public Meeting

23-10-19-121 A Resolution Authorizing COE For Full Time Fire Chief

23-11-02-122 A Resolution Accepting Resignation of EMT Cobleigh

23-11-02-123 A Resolution Setting The 2024 Rate of Pay for The Board of Fire Commissioners

23-11-02-124 A Resolution Authorizing Emergency Appropriation

23-11-02-125 A Resolution Designating and Authorizing Destruction of Surplus

23-11-02-126 A Resolution Authorizing Shared Services for QPA

23-11-02-127 A Resolution Closing Public Meeting

23-11-02-128 A Resolution Accepting Special Counsel's Report

23-11-16-129 A Resolution Closing Public Meeting

23-12-07-130 A Resolution Allowing For Cap Referendum

23-12-07-131 A Resolution Introducing 2024 Budget

23-12-07-132 A Resolution Authorizing Filing of ARPFF Grant Application

23-12-07-133 A Resolution Appointing DFS Liaison

23-12-07-134 A Resolution Closing Public Meeting


22-01-06-01 Resolution Recinding 21-11-18-120

22-01-06-02 Resolution Amending 2022 Budget

22-01-06-03 Resolution Adopting 2022 Budget

22-01-06-04 Resolution Adopting Temporary Budget

22-01-06-05 Resolution Appointing P/FF/EMT J.N. Martin

22-01-06-06 Resolution Accepting Resignation of Vol/FF Lynes

22-01-20-07 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

22-01-20-08 Resolution Setting Salaries of Certain Employees

22-01-20-09 Resolution Adopting EMS Terms & Conditions

February 3, 2022 Regular Meeting - No Resolutions

22-02-17-10 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

22-02-17-11 Resolution Approving Donation of Equipment

22-02-17-12 Resolution Authorizing Personnel Agreement

22-03-01-13 Resolution Designating Papers and Board Officers

22-03-01-14 Resolution Appointing Fire Official

22-03-01-15 Resolution Appointing DFS Liaison

22-03-01-16 Resolution Appointing Auditor

22-03-01-17 Resolution Appointing Accountant

22-03-01-18 Resolution Appointing General Counsel

22-03-01-19 Resolution Appointing Labor Counsel

22-03-01-20 Resolution Appoint Medical Provider

22-03-01-21 Resolution Appointing Medical Director

22-03-01-22 Resolution Designating Surety Bond

22-03-01-23 Resolution Setting 2022-2023 Meeting Calendar

22-03-01-24 Resolution Authorizing Payment of Claims

22-03-01-25 Resolution Appointing Engineer

22-03-03-26 Resolution Authorizing Consolidation Committee

22-03-03-27 Resoltion Accepting Resignation N. Morrison

22-03-03-28 Resolution Accepting Resignation R. Wilson

22-03-17-29 Resolution Approving Title Change

22-03-17-30 Resolution Accepting Resignation EMT A. Dugan

22-03-17-31 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

22-03-17-32 Resolution Authorizing Personnel Agreement

22-04-07-33 Resolution Adopting EMS Salary Guide

22-05-04-34 Resolution Donating Surplus Eqpt.

22-05-04-35 Resolution Amending Job Description - FF/EMT

22-05-04-36 Resolution Approving COE - Per Diem EMT Gaccione

22-05-04-37 Resolution Approving COE - Per Diemt EMT Jefferson

22-05-04-38 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

22-05-19-39 Resolution Honoring Kyle Patrick Blanchfield

22-05-19-40 Resolution Honoring Jason Cirillo

22-06-02-41 Resolution Amending Volunteer Incentive Program

22-06-02-42 Resolution Authorizing COE Alexis Bromley

22-06-02-43 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

22-06-16-44 Resolution Accepting Resignation EMT Waldron

22-06-16-45 Resolution Appointing Data Entry Tech

22-06-16-47 Resolution Authorizing MOA

22-06-16-46 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

22-07-21-48 Resolution Accepting Resignation of EMT Speck

22-07-21-49 Resolution Accepting Resignation of EMT Lahiri

22-07-21-50 Resolution Rescinding COE – Gaccione

22-07-21-51 Resolution Making Permanent FF/EMT/Insp.

22-07-21-52 Resolution Terminating Volunteer EMT

22-07-21-53 Resolution Accepting Resignation of Volunteer FF C. Vagell 

22-07-21-54 Resolution Appointing Workers Comp Carrier

22-07-21-55 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

22-08-04-56 Resolution Appointing Per-Diem EMT Jefferson

22-08-04-57 Resolution Adopting 2021 Annual Audit

22-08-04-58 Resolution Adopting Budgetary Corrective Action Plan

22-08-04-59 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

22-08-18-60 Resolution Rescinding COE - Cueva 

22-08-18-61 Resolution Appointing Volunteer EMT - Bromley 

22-08-18-62 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

22-09-01-63 Resolution Making Certain Employees Permanent

22-09-01-64 Resolution Rescinding COE Siino

22-09-01-65 Resolution Appointing Architectural Firm H2M

22-09-01-66 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

22-09-15-67 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

22-09-15-68 Resolution Recognizing Eagle Scout David G Farrell

22-09-15-69 Resolution Closing Public Meeting 

22-10-06-70 Resolution Was Not Utilized. 

22-10-06-71 Resolution Accepting Resignation Volunteer EMT J. Miksch

22-10-06-72 Resolution Accepting Resignation Volunteer FF J. Bergen

22-10-06-73 Resolution Appointing Career Lieutenant D. Sulpy

22-10-06-74 Resolution Authorizing Agreement With Hanover Township (Fuel)

22-10-06-75 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

22-10-20-76 Resolution Terminating Volunteer FF

22-10-20-77 Resolution Terminating Volunteer EMT

22-10-20-78 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

22-11-03-79 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

22-11-17-80 Resolution Authorizing COE for Firefighter/EMT 

22-11-17-81 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

22-12-01-82 Resolution Appointing a Probationary FF/EMT Yen 

22-12-01-83 Resolution Accepting the Resignation of EMT Garcia

22-12-01-84 Resolution Making FF/EMT DiGiacomo a Permanent Employee

22-12-01-85 Resolution Making FF/EMT Colin a Permanent Employee

22-12-01-86 Resolution Approving Shared Services Agreement with Boonton Twp.

22-12-01-87 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

22-12-15-88 Resolution Approving Disposal of Surplus Equipment

22-12-15-89 Resolution Approving Approval/Introduction 2023 Budget

22-12-15-90 Resolution Authorizing Personnel Agreement

22-12-15-91 Resolution Authorizing Reolution Authorizing COE for Compensated EMT

22-12-15-92 Resolution Authorizing Reolution Authorizing COE for Compensated EMT

22-12-15-93 A Resolution of Approving Budget Transfers

22-12-15-94 Resolution Closing Public Meeting



21-01-07-01 Resolution Amending 2021 Budget

21-01-07-02 Resolution Adopting 2021 Budget

21-01-07-03 Resolution Approving Temporary Budget

21-01-07-04 Resolution Recognizing Bayer Fund

21-01-07-05 Resolution Approinting Life Insurance Carrier

21-01-07-06 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

21-01-21-07 Resolution Appointing Volunteer Member Ayash

21-02-04-08 Resolution Approving Intergovernmental Transfer-Generator

21-02-04-09 Resolution Appointing Special Engineer

21-02-04-10 Resolution Authorizing COE Volunteer

21-02-04-11 Resolution Appointing P/T EMT

21-02-04-12 Resolution Amending Meeting Schedule

21-02-04-13 Resolution Terminating P/T EMT Danielson

21-02-04-14 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

21-02-18-15 Resolution Approving Sale of Old Unit 30

21-02-18-16 Resolution Approving COE EMT Dorman

21-02-18-17 Resolution Approving COE Harrington

21-02-18-18 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

21-03-04-19 Resolution Accepting Resignation of Comm. Thomas A. Quirk, Jr.

21-03-04-20 Resolution Authorizing Sale of Old Car 32

21-03-04-21 Resolution Athorizing Title Change EMT Cobleigh

21-03-04-22 Resolution Accepting Resignation FF/EMT Abdeljabbar

21-03-04-23 Resolution Appointing Volunteer Lahiri

21-03-04-24 Resolution COE Volunteer Siino

21-03-04-25 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

21-03-18-26 Resolution Approving COE Ficchi

21-03-18-27 Resolution Appointing P/T EMT Dorman

21-03-18-28 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

21-04-01-29 Resolution Authorizing Sale of Car 32

21-04-15-30 Resolution Appointing Per Diem EMT Harrington

21-04-15-31 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

21-05-04-32 Resolution Appointing Commissioner DeSimone

21-05-04-33 Resolution Appointing Commissioner Davidson

21-05-04-34 Resolution Designating Depotiories, Newspapers and Board Officers

21-05-04-35 Resolution Appointing Fire Official

21-05-04-36 Resultion Authorizing Liaison to DFS

21-05-04-37 Resolution Appointing Auditor

21-05-04-38 Resolution Approinting Accountant

21-05-04-39 Resolution Appointing General Counsel

21-05-04-40 Resolution Appointing Labor Counsel

21-05-04-41 Resolution Appointing Medical Provider

21-05-04-42 Resolution Appointing Pre-Hospital Medical Director

21-05-04-43 Resolution Designating Surety Bonding

21-05-04-44 Resolution Setting 2021-2022 Calendar

21-05-04-45 Reolution Approving Payment of Claims

21-05-04-46 Resolution Appointing Engineering Firm

21-05-06-47 Resolution Accepting Resignation of EMT Paul Dorman

21-05-06-48 Resolution COE Vol. FF Ficchi

21-05-20-49 Resolution Appointing Volunteer Officers

21-05-20-50 Resolution Accepting Resignation of EMT O'Hare

21-05-20-51 Resolution Authorizing 2021-2022 Workers Comp Carrier

21-05-20-52 Resolution Designating CEPA Contact

21-05-20-53 Resolution Designating Pension Supervising Officer

21-05-20-54 Resolution Adjusting Pay Scheduling

21-05-20-55 Resolution Approving CBA

21-05-20-56 Resolution Setting Certain Employee Salaries

21-05-20-57 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

21-06-03-58 Resolution Authorizing Destruction of Records

21-06-03-59 Resolution Authorizing COE EMT Kruse

21-06-03-60 Reeolution Accepting Resolution EMT Hughes

21-06-03-61 Resolution Accepting Resignation FF Ilaria

21-06-03-62 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

21-06-17-63 Resolution Accepting Resignation of EMT Shirley Bergen

21-06-17-64 Resolution Authorizing COE Per Diem EMT Kuzemczak

21-06-17-65 Resolution Appointing P/T EMT Kruse

21-06-17-66 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

21-07-01-67 Resolution Accepting Resignation of EMT T. Kelly

21-07-01-68 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

21-07-15-69 Resolution Authorizing Personnel Agreement

21-07-15-70 Resolution Approving Salaries/Terms & Conditions

21-07-15-71 Resolution Approving Permanent EMT Bergman

21-07-15-72 Resolutiong Approving Prob. FF/EMT/Insp D. Sulpy

21-07-15-73 Resolution Accepting Resignation EMT Geary

21-07-15-74 Resolution Apponting Per Diem EMT Kuzemczak

21-07-15-75 Resolution Authorizing PTO Payout

21-07-15-76 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

21-08-05-77 Resolution Recognizing Eagle Scout Ryan Walker

21-08-05-78 Resolution Recognizing Eagle Scout Nicholas Romanowsky

21-08-05-79 Resolution Recognizing Eagle Scout Joshua Danus

21-08-05-80 Resolution Recognizing Eagle Scout Steven Fasano

21-08-05-81 Resolution Recognizing Eagle Scout Tyler Feret

21-08-05-82 Resolution Recognizing Eagle Scout Jacob Lieto

21-08-05-83 Resolution Recognizing Eagle Scout Timothy Wainscott

21-08-05-84 Resolution Approving 3rd Party Recruit Testing

21-08-05-85 Resolution Authorizing MOA - Ambulance Storage

21-08-05-86 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

21-08-19-87 Resolution Requesting Approval of Revenue and Appropriation

21-08-19-88 Resolution Accepting AFG and Authorizing Expenditures

21-08-19-89 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

21-09-02-90 Resolution Accepting Resignation Comm. Davidson

21-09-02-91 Resolution Appointing Comm Michael P. Dugan, Sr.

21-09-02-92 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

21-09-16-93 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

21-09-16-94 Resolution Terminating Volunteer EMT

21-10-07-95 Resolution Memorializing Commissioner Compensation

21-10-07-96 Resolution Approving Cose Out-Bay Floor Project

21-10-07-97 Resolution Accepting Resignation Giglio

21-10-07-98 Resolution Accepting Resignation Shen

21-10-07-99 Resolution Accepting Resignation Smith

21-10-07-100 Resolution Clocing Public Meeting

21-10-07-101 Resolution Conditional COE - FF/EMT

21-10-07-102 Resolution Conditional COE - FF/EMT

21-10-07-103 Resolution Conditional COE - FF/EMT

21-10-07-104 Resolution Conditional COE - FF/EMT - Withdrawn

21-10-07-105 Resolution Terminating Career EMT

21-10-21-106 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

21-10-21-107 Resolution Authorizing MOA Local 109

21-11-04-108 Resolution Amending Board By-Laws

21-11-04-109 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

21-11-18-110 Resolution Introducing 2022 Budget

21-11-18-111 Resolution Appointing P/FF/EMT DiGiacomo

21-11-18-112 Resolution Appointing P/FF/EMT Colin

21-11-18-113 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

21-11-18-114 Resolution Recinding COE

21-11-18-115 Resolution COE FF/EMT J.N. Martin

21-12-02-116 Resolution Appointing Structural Engineer

21-12-02-117 Resolution Appointing Grant Writer

21-12-14-118 Resolution Accepting 2020 Audit

21-12-14-119 Resolution Adopting Correction Action Plan

21-12-14-120 Resolution Authorizing Cap Referendum

21-12-14-121 Resolution Authorizing COE Volunteer

21-12-14-120 Resolution Permanent EMT Biehler

21-12-14-121 Resolution Closing Public Meeting




20-01-02-01 Resolution Amending the Introduced 2020 Budget

20-01-02-02 Resolution Adopting 2020 Budget

20-01-02-03 Resolution Recognizing FF Harrington (50 Years)

20-01-02-04 Resolution Recognizing FF Keyser (50 Years)

20-01-02-05 Resolution Rescinding Resolution 19-11-07-91

20-01-02-06 Resolution Accepting Resignation of FF Okolita

20-01-02-07 Resolution for Surplus Eqpt/Donating Same

20-01-02-08 Resolution Appointing Per Diem EMT

20-01-02-09 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

20-01-16-10 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

20-02-06-11 Resolution COE Per Diem EMT Garcia

20-02-06-12 Resolution Appointing EMT Speck

20-02-06-13 Resolution Accepting Resignation Member Quinn

20-02-06-14 Resolution Approving Title Change EMT Fawcett

20-02-06-15 Resolution Appointing Per Diem EMT Abdeljabbar

20-02-06-16 Resolution Terminating Volunteer G. Sharp

20-02-06-17 Resolution Authorizing Sale of Pierce Pumper

20-02-06-18 Resolution Terminating Services of NBCC

20-02-06-19 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

20-02-20-20 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

20-02-20-21 Resolution Terminating MOA

20-02-20-22 Resolution Appointing Per Diem Garcia

20-03-03-23 Resolution Designating Papers, Depositories and Officers

20-03-03-24 Resolution Appointing Fire Official

20-03-03-25 Resolution Designating Liaison to DFS

20-03-03-26 Resolution Appointing Auditor

20-03-03-27 Resolution Appointing Accountant

20-03-03-28 Resolution Appointing Legal Counsel

20-03-03-29 Resolution Appointing Labor Counsel

20-03-03-30 Resolution Appointing Medical Provider

20-03-03-31 Resolution Appointing PreHospital Director

20-03-03-32 Resolution Deignating Surety Bonding

20-03-03-33 Resolution Setting 2020-2021 Schedule

20-03-03-34 Resolution Authorizing Payment of Claims

20-03-05-35 Resolution Appointing Engineer

20-03-05-36 Resolution Closing Meeting

20-03-05-37 Resolution Terminating Volunteer Member

20-04-02-38 Resolution Appointing Provisional Firefighter/EMT

20-04-02-39 Resolution Appointing Interim Per Diem EMT

20-04-02-40 Resolution Recsinding Resolution 20-03-05-37

20-04-02-41 Resolution Accepting Resignation of Daniel Poulter

20-04-16-42 Resolution Approving MOA with FMBA

20-04-16-43 Resolution Terminating Member

20-05-07-44 Resolution Creating Position Data Entry (1st Reading)

20-05-07-45 Resolution Creating Position Firefighter (1st Reading)

20-05-21-46 Resolution Creating Position - Data Entry

20-05-21-47 Resolution Creating Position - Firefighter

20-05-21-48 Resolution Accepting Resignation of EMT J. Bergen

20-05-21-49 Resolution Authorizing COE Per Diem EMT

20-05-21-50 Resolution Closing Meeting

20-05-21-51 Resolution Appointing Julia Cobleigh F/T EMT

20-06-04-52 Resolution Rescininding Resolution 20-04-16-43

20-06-04-53 Resolution Accepting Resignation Per Diem EMT Fawcett

20-06-04-54 Resolution Accepting Resignation Volunteer EMT Bilyk

20-06-18-55 Resolution Approving MOA with FMBA

20-06-18-56 Resolution Accepting Resignation - Fasano

20-06-18-57 Resolution for COE - Isler

20-06-18-58 Resolution for COE - Bergman

20-06-18-59 Resolution for COE - Urciuoli

20-06-18-60 Resolution Closing Meeting

20-06-18-61 Resolution Terminating Employee - Schuele

20-06-30-62 Resolution Closing Special Meeting to Public

20-00-00-63 Unassigned

20-07-16-64 Resolution Adopting 2019 Audit

20-07-16-65 Resolution Authorizing Sale of Trailer

20-07-16-66 Resolution Appointing EMT Bergman

20-07-16-67 Resolution COE EMT Danielson

20-07-16-68 Resolution COE EMT Alimov

20-07-16-69 Resolution Wirthdrawing COE Sevillano

20-07-16-70 Resolution Terminating EMT Watkins

20-17-16-71 Reoslution Appointing Prob. FF Sulpy

20-07-16-72 Resolution Appointing Prob. EMT Cobleigh

20-07-16-73 Resolution Appointing Workers Comp Carrier

20-07-16-74 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

20-07-30-75 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

20-08-06-76 Resolutuion Accepting Resignation Avadhani

20-08-06-77 Resolution Accepting Resignation Gelman

20-08-06-78 Resolution COE Perrone

20-08-06-79 Resolution Accepting Resignation Houser

20-08-06-80 Resolution Auithorizing Trailer Sale

20-08-06-63 Resolution Approving FEMA Grant Writer

20-08-20-81 Resolutution Appointing EMT Danielson

20-08-20-82 Resolution Approving EMS Billing RFP

20-08-20-83 Resolution Appointing Volunteer Urciuoli

20-08-20-84 Resolution Closing Meeting

20-09-03-85 Resolution Approving Title Change - Makar

20-09-03-86 Resolution Approving Title Change - Garcia

20-09-03-87 Resolution Approving Title Change - Mauro

20-09-03-88 Resolution Accepting Resignation EMT Alimov

20-09-03-89 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

20-09-03-90 Resolution COE EMT Biehler

20-09-17-91 Resolution Approving Contract for Third Party EMS Billing

20-09-17-92 Resolution Approving Change Order with FEMA Grant Writer

20-09-17-93 Resolution COE Volunteer Member McPhee

20-10-01-94 Resolution Appointing EMT Biehler

20-10-01-95 Resolution Appointing Volunteer Perrone

20-10-01-96 Resolution Seetting EMS Fees

20-10-01-97 Resolution Closing Meeting

20-10-15-98 Resolution Appointing Volunteer McPhee

20-10-15-99 Resolution Closing Meeting

20-11-05-100 Resolution COE Volunteer Canella

20-11-05-101 Resolution Accepting Resignation Urciuoli

20-11-05-102 Resolution Withdrawing COE Isler

20-11-05-103 Resolution Approving Title Change Garcia

20-11-05-104 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

20-11-05-105 Resolution Approving Wages for Certain Employees

20-11-19-106 Resolution Introducing 2021 Budget

20-11-19-107 Resolution Appointing F/T EMT Makar

20-11-19-108 Resolution Accepting Resignation EMT DiBernardo

20-11-19-109 Resolution Rescinding COE Canella

20-11-19-110 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

20-12-03-111 Resolution Requesting Approval Revenue/Appropriation

20-12-03-112 Resolution Approving Line Transfers

20-12-03-113 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

20-12-17-114 Resolution Authorizing Cooperative HGAC

20-12-17-115 Resolution Authorizing Purchase of Ambulance

20-12-17-116 Resolution Authorizing Purchase of Stretcher/Loading Device

20-12-17-117 Resolution Approving Raises for Certain Personnel

20-12-17-118 Resolution Authorizing Purchase of Fit-Test Machine

20-12-17-119 Resolution Authorizing COE - Ayash

20-12-17-120 Resolution Authorizing Sale of Surplus Ford Utility

20-12-17-121 Resolution Closing Public Meeting


19-01-03-01 Resolution Accepting Resignation of Member Lam

19-01-03-02 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

19-01-03-03 Resolution Setting 2019 Wages of Certain Employees

19-01-17-04 Resolution Accepting Resignation of EMT P. Sainato

19-01-17-05 Resolution Approving Terms/Conditions of Employment (Chief)

19-01-17-06 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

19-02-07-07 Resolution Rescinding 19-01-17-05

19-02-07-08 Resolution on Terms/Conditions of Employment (1st Reading)

19-02-07-09 Resolution Accepting Donation of Eqpt. (Novartis)

19-02-21-10 Resolution Adopting Terms and Conditions - Chief

19-02-21-11 Resolution Adopting Volunteer Incentives

19-02-21-12 Resolution Adopting Change-Order

19-02-21-13 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

19-03-05-14 Resolution Approving Newspapers, Depositories and Officers

19-03-05-15 Resolution Appointing Fire Official

19-03-05-16 Resolution Appointing Liaison to DFS

19-03-05-17 Resolution Appointing Auditor

19-03-05-18 Resolution Appointing Accountant

19-03-05-19 Resolution Appointing General Counsel

19-03-05-20 Resolution Appointing Labor Counsel

19-03-05-21 Resolution Approving Medical Provider

19-03-05-22 Resolution Appointing Medical Director

19-03-05-23 Resolution Designating Surety

19-03-05-24 Resolution Setting Meeting Dates

19-03-05-25 Resolution Authorizing Payment of Claims

19-03-07-26 Resolution Accepting Resignation Joseph N. Martin

19-03-07-27 Resolution Recognizing Eagle Scott Andrew J. Gigantino

19-03-07-28 Resolution Closing Public meeting

19-03-21-29 Resolution Appointing Engineering Firm

19-03-21-30 Resolution Appointing Volunteer Member Avadhari

19-03-21-31 Resolution Appointing Volunteer Member Bilyk

19-03-21-32 Resolution Accepting the Resignation of Member Savioli

19-03-21-33 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

19-04-04-34 Resolution Accepting Proposal for Bay Floor Project

19-04-04-35 Resolution Adopting Bookkeeper Job Description

19-04-04-36 Resolution Accepting Resignation of Volunteer Lisi

19-04-04-37 Resolution Appointing P/T EMT Houser

19-04-04-38 Resolution Changing Job Title EMT J. Bergen

19-04-04-39 Resolution Authorizing MOA With Morris Township

19-04-04-40 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

19-04-18-41 Resolution Approving Shared Service Agreement with Fire Department

19-04-18-42 Resolution Approving Volunteer Kimberly Hughes

19-04-18-43 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

19-05-02-44 Tabled

19-05-02-45 Resolution Appointing Permanent EMT Sulpy

19-05-02-46 Resolution Authorizing Publication of Bid-Bays

19-05-02-47 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

19-05-16-48 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

19-06-06-49 Resolution Appointing EMS Lt. John Miksch

19-06-06-50 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

19-06-20-51 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

19-06-20-52 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

19-06-20-53 Resolution Accepting Resignation of Volunteer Member Trigger

19-06-20-54 Resolution Appointing Volunteer Amanda Dugan

19-06-20-55 Resolution Terminating F/T EMT

19-07-18-56 Resolution Accepting Resignation of Commissioner Vagell

19-07-18-57 Resolution Approving Bay Floor Resurfacing Contract

19-07-18-58 Resolution Appointing Per Diem EMT A. Davidson

19-07-18-59 Resolution Accepting Resignation of I. Cortes

19-07-18-60 Resolution Accepting Resignation of C. Mills

19-07-18-61 Resolution Accepting Resignation of J. Bartelloni

19-07-18-62 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

19-08-01-63 Resolution Adopting 2018 Fiscal Audit

19-08-01-64 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

19-08-15-65 Resolution Approving MOA Morris Township Apparatus

19-08-16-66 Resolution Appointing Volunteer Mrinaal Gogineni

19-08-15-67 Resolution Appointing Volunteer Joseph N. Martin

19-08-15-68 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

19-08-26-69 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

19-08-26-70 Resolution Appointing Special Investigator

19-09-05-71 Resolution Appointing Volunteer Member Bartelloni

19-09-05-71 Resolution Appointing Volunteer Member Geary

19-09-05-73 Resolution Accepting Resignation of Volunteer Kuzemczak

19-09-05-74 Resolution Rescinding Resolution 19-08-15-65

19-09-05-75 Resolution Authorizing Sale of Pumper Apparatus

19-09-05-76 Resolution Authorizing Donation of Certain Surplus Equipment

19-09-05-77 Resolution Recognizing Cedar Knolls Fire Dept. 100th Anniversary

19-09-19-78 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

19-10-03-79 Resolution COE Per Diem EMT (Mauro)

19-10-03-80 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

19-10-17-81 Resolution Conditional Offer of Employment Watkins

19-10-17-82 Resolution Conditional Offer of Volunteer Employment Ellis

19-10-17-83 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

19-11-07-84 Resolution Appointing Volunteer Giglio

19-11-07-85 Resolution Appointing Per Diem Mauro

19-11-07-86 Resolution Authorizing COE Mockler

19-11-07-87 Resolution Authorizing COE Negron

19-11-07-88 Resolution Accepting Resignation EMT Herbert

19-11-07-89 Resolution Accepting Resignation of EMT Bartelloni

19-11-07-90 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

19-11-07-91 Resolution Terminating Volunteer Firefighter

19-12-05-92 Resolution Introducing 2020 Budget

19-12-05-93 Resolution Accepting Resignation of Per Diem Allegrino

19-12-05-94 Resolution Accepting Resignation of Member A. Davidson

19-12-05-95 Resolution Appointing F/T EMT Mockler

19-12-05-96 Reolution Appointing Per Diem Watkins

19-12-05-97 Resolution Authorizing COE Volunteer Speck

19-12-07-98 Resolution Closing Public Meeting

19-12-12-99 Resolution Closing Public Meeting



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